Academy FAQs

When are the Academies open?

Our Academy in Spain is open from September-May.

Will I need to purchase my own airfare?


How much and what type of soccer training gear should I bring?

It does not matter what brand of personal training gear a player brings.  The amount of additional gear a player will need depends on if he plans to train on his own or in small groups outside of scheduled trainings.  That will be the only time he will wear his own gear.  Otherwise, he will be given gear to wear and will be expected to wear it.  He will need plenty of extra soccer socks, black is the preferred color.

How many pairs of boots (cleats) should I bring?

We recommend 2 pairs of cleats, and shin guards for the games.  Most of the players do not wear the guards for training, but players will need it for friendly matches.

How much extra spending money should I bring?

The extra money a player will need depends on the things that he would like to buy.   Most parents will get a debit card specifically for the player and add money as needed.

Are meals provided?

3 meals and a snack are provided.  Most Americans do not like the European-style breakfast that is provided (typically a bread item and coffee), so they will go to the market and buy fruit or muesli bars.

Is WiFi provided?

There is free WiFi in the facilities.  However, it is not as fast as some Americans are accustomed to.

How is laundry handled?

There are laundry facilities which cost approximately 2 – 5 € each cycle, but most of our players do not use the facilities much because the players are provided gear that they are required to wear and is laundered for them.  Only their personal items will they need to wash on their own.