Have you ever wanted to participate in a European Tournament, but your team is not going? No problem! Contact us now for more information.

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Do you want to train and trial in Barcelona with Professional soccer clubs and learn from the best coaches in the world? Now you can!

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Some teams want to tour Barcelona while training and playing together. That can be arranged.

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If you are a coach who wants to take his team to train and play against professional teams in and around Barcelona, let us arrange a top notch tour for your team.

If you are a player dreaming of the ultimate Academy experience. You can train several times a day while eating, breathing, and dreaming soccer in Barcelona.

Have you ever wanted to play in the one of the greatest tournaments in the world, like the MIC? But your team is not going. Do not let that stop you. Contact us today to see how we can place you on a team so you can experience some of the worlds greatest soccer tournaments.

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